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Tapping into the 6th sense

Psychic Medium & Spirit Coach


What will happen during your reading

A reading usually consists of Spirit connection and guidance with the aim to generate clarity for upcoming decisions, choices and directions. 

It is intended that you will receive insight and guidance specifically for the next 12 months or so.

Spirit card oracle decks are also used as they can assist in confirming the information received from Spirit. Spirit Cards are a great tool which allows your own intuition an

opportunity to "speak to you". Nothing is ever set in stone. 

The information you receive during your reading is to be used as a ‘heads-up’, reference or maybe a confirmation for the pathways you already have in place. For eg.: change of career, new job, house move, etc. 

Ultimately the choices you make are your choices. 

You are always in control and you are on your own life path.

For those specifically requiring Mediumship, connecting to the Spirit World is very subtle and beautiful–no dramatic head-spinning or levitating!

Although connecting to the person you specifically want to hear from cannot always be guaranteed, connecting with your loved ones in spirit can provide immense comfort and consolation; as well as a loving nudge in the right direction.


How old do you need to be to have a reading on your own

18 years old


What to bring to your reading

I would encourage you to write down any questions you want to be answered.


Time your reading take

Your reading will take between 45 mins to 1 hour.

Recording your reading

Yes definitely, we recommend you do record your reading. 

You can record onto your mobile phone using voice recorder/voice recorder apps.


The cost of the reading

Currently, a reading is $90

Can you book someone else in for a Reading

We ask that everyone makes their own choice to book readings.

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